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3135 Indiana Ave
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Special Event Services (SES) provides live event support for events of all sizes, venues, locations and purposes. As a full service technical production company, SES utilizes state-of-the-art production technologies to meet the needs of every client, every time; in a manner that exceeds 
their expectations.

What Clients are Saying

I’ve worked with SES on numerous shows for the last twenty or so years. Back then, I think they had about 16 boxes of PA, a couple of mid-line consoles and a great attitude. Their success is something I’m very proud of as, over the years, we’ve become great friends and you always want your friends to succeed. I get the feeling that all of the “friends” that have worked with this great company feel the same as I do. As a client, I just call Jim Brammer, tell him what I need and then just stand back and watch the magic happen no matter what size the show.

– Kevin Freeman-PM/FOH Engineer-Brad Paisley


SES and SET have worked with us for 7 years. They have given us quality service and have exceeded expectation time and time again. SES has been our production company of choice for many years. The Level of attention we receive and the quality of gear and personnel is outstanding.


Thank you so much for your diligent work in helping make the 2010 Dodger Stadium event the success it was. Your professionalism and attention to detail were noticed by everyone involved. Thank you for your continual service with excellence.

– Reed Hall - Tour/Production Director - Joel Osteen Ministries - Lakewood Church


"We wholeheartedly recommend SES. SES bundled emerging ideas in technology, lighting, special effects and video with field-expertise, budget pricing and quality installation. SES has raised our ministry presentation to an entirely new level. They trained and equipped our technicians to provide quality effects for ministry presentation. SES is more than a vendor, they are a ministry partner."

– Charlie Tuttle, Family Worship Center, McKinney, TX.


"SES has handled field covering for all of my events for the last 10 years. From plywood to Enkamat to Bravo Mat and Rhino Mat, they have introduced me to new products along the way. The results have been excellent every time. I wouldn't consider doing a stadium event without them".

– Chuck Young, Country Music Association


“Some stand out attributes: Their can do attitude, excellent working knowledge (centuries of combined knowledge), a work ethic (Their word will outlast any contract) and most of all a passion for helping others do it the right way, even on a budget. Taking care of the client is personal with them. Not just a way to bring in a check. The bottom line is customer service.

With a relationship going on 9 years, all I can say is, would not have it any other way.

From the 1st week on the road with Jim Brammer and his gifted staff, it was a match made in heaven. So to speak.

We spent many years doing it in house. Constantly trying to adapt and upgrade to fit unique venues was not cost efficient. Changing times and needs would at times leave a room full of nice equipment collecting dust. On top of that was maintenance. There had to be a way to have the total package and still keep those writing the checks happy. And, most of all, for us, make sure we were being good stewards of what we have.

Along came SES. All I heard from day one was, “no problem, we can do that”. To be honest, it was a little unnerving. I thought, “this is too simple”. Scary simple. Well, after the trucks were loaded following the first 3 days together in Birmingham, AL, I knew we had found what we were looking for. We had everything we needed, from gear, to staff, logistics and trucking and even “sit around the table” help. All at a price that was easy to swallow. Now, we no longer needed to buy technology. SES met the need by adapting the trailer pack as needed, yet, outside of adding trailers (full of gear) and staff, the price remained almost unchanged. The price was always within reach and reason. And if you asked for it, they would even justify it on paper.

I must say I would not want to do what we do without them. Period. All the help you need and with a personal touch like they are essentially our own “in house” production company.

From all of us at Joyce Meyer Ministries and most of all myself, thank you Special Event Services.

Jim, Jeff, Jason, Bogie and all the guys that make SES who they are, keep on doing what you do.”

-Doug Holtzmann - Conference Director - Joyce Meyer Ministries


“I first was introduced to Jim Brammer & SES in the Spring of 1993 while I was beginning my career as a stagehand at Walnut Creek Amphitheatre in Raleigh NC. I was instantly fascinated with Jim's excitement over projects he was working on and that he had coming up in the future. Over the years I have had the pleasure to work with Jim & The folks @ SES on countless events. "There are a lot of companies that own good quality gear, but it is good quality people who really make things happen" . I am very happy to say that almost 16 years later Jim and the folks at SES still possess the same quality and excitement that initially drew me to them. I look forward to another 16!”

-Jason"db"Parkin - Production Manager, Darius Rucker Band


“SES took our band from clubs to sheds in a matter of weeks as the band’s success grew. From great advice to even better friendships on the road, Jim and Jeff grew up with the band and we continue to work together today. After leaving the band several years ago, I still count on SES for all events that I produce.”

-Jeff Smith - Former HBF TM

Current VP, Entertainment Maggie Visions Productions


"We have been so pleased with SES and the incredible difference they have made in the quality of our productions. Their knowledgeable staff combined with their willing and helpful spirit has made them an invaluable part of our production team. We have been impressed with their technical knowledge as well as their commitment to get the job done right."

-Dave Uibel- Founder - Masterworks School of the Arts


“I've been working with SES for over 10 years now, and can honestly say that I would hope to never have to work with anyone else. They have consistently produced the highest quality gear and personnel, and have been way more than fair with me when I've been stuck with a tight budget.

They are constantly upgrading their equipment, and have, on several occasions, purchased the exact gear I've asked for in order to put it out on one of my tours.

Sound, lights, staging and video... In my 23+ years on the road, no other production company has come close to fulfilling my needs as SES has. Period.”

-Mike Kelly - Tour Manager - Darius Rucker Band


Special Events is simply the best of the best. These people are great period. They are not only great at what they do they are just great folks. And when you are putting on an event you need great people who you can trust and who know what they are doing. We have been in a working relationship with SES for almost 10 years now and they have never let us down. In this day and age, ours has been a long term relationship of mutual trust and friendship. Our church has met in 2 different schools before moving into our new building. Every time we have moved SES has been there for us. They have assessed our new situations and made the right recommendations and then they always followed through with a great product. When we began architectural design of our present building we brought the SES team into to help us get our auditorium and atrium right. We would not design a building with out their input. Last year we designed our phase 2 expansion and again we used SES to get it right. Presently we are opening up our first satellite location in an 800 seat high school auditorium and again SES is there for us. Our church really tries hard to do everything we do with excellence for sound, lighting and staging that means SES. I recommend them enthusiastically to all of my pastor friends and I would strongly recommend them for you.

-Mike Madding - Senior Pastor- The Cove Church